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Gorgeous Bella Vendetta strips down to her librarian glasses

May 31st, 2007 - by Thomas S. Roche

I've been hearing about this hot chick Bella Vendetta, and now I understand why. Her tattoos are smokin', she's pierced all over, she's got curves to die for, magenta hair, barrettes, and — most important of all — witchy librarian glasses. She's the type of girl you might run into at the local comic book shop, but I doubt she'd look as good as she does in this sizzling backyard Gothic Sluts set, because she'd be wearing too many clothes. Here, that's not a problem. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Sexy Dangerous Cadence Rocks my World

May 30th, 2007 - by Anastasia Skullman

Ever since I first saw the beautiful Cadence on EroticBPM I've had the biggest crush on her. I love her powerful tattoos and her piercing cool eyes. She has such a yummy body and you can tell she's down for some trouble! You've just got to love a girl wearing just her big black 20 hole Doc Martens. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Porns Favorite Redhead Justine Joli resplendent in a to-die-for corset

May 29th, 2007 - by Thomas S. Roche

In this deliciously sexy Gothic Sluts set shot at San Diego's Comicon, Flame-haired Justine Joli shamelessly displays that she is 1) perky, 2) nerdy, 3) amazingly flexible, and 4) drop-dead gorgeous. Corset fans just may soil themselves over the magnificent green and gold Fallen Angel design my favorite redhead's wearing in this one. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Silly Naked Sexy Party Monster Darenzia

May 27th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

I liked this BarelyEvil set so much that i want a devil duckie of my own now. Darenzia sparkles as she plays with her devil duckie waving it around and giving it kisses like a lucky duckie. As if that were not hot enough she's also dressed in a playful sheer tutu-like skirt that truly just adds a special touch to the whole set. Of course it just wouldn't have been complete if she hadn't been wearing a hooded jacket with horns of her own to match. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Dana DeArmond Naked in the Celebrity Cemetary

May 25th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

How awesome is it that as I was sitting here looking through photos and listening to the Ramones I came across this hot set on GothicSluts that early on has the lovely Dana DeArmond showing off her fit body around Johnny Ramone's monument. How cool is it that I'm sitting here listening to the music and looking at hot pictures. Somehow I think Johnny would approve. Of course she doesn't stay just at his monument she moves through the graveyard so that all of the stiffs can enjoy her loveliness. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Gothic Fetish Dolls Azreal and Domiana Together

May 23rd, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Busty babes in pigtails fondling each other, does life get any better than this? Not for me it doesn't. There's just something about an Azreal and Domiana set that just draws me in and makes me wish I was there with them. There's something almost sweet and playful about the way they hold and fondle each other which makes this BarelyEvil set so much more real than most that I've seen. I didn't feel like I was just looking at a set on a site I felt like I was being offered a chance to look into a couple's bedroom and that excited the inner voyeur in me. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Classic Gothic Silver Screen Beauty Ariel X

May 21st, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Like a vamp starlet on the silver screen Ariel X smolders in a GothicSluts set so hot that I'm surprised it doesn't burn through the computer screen. After starting out with some classically beautiful and intensely hot poses Ariel soon turns up the heat even hotter and shows off a body that looks so smooth that I had to stop for a moment and wonder how it was possible that she didn't slide off the slippery looking sofa that she was laying back on. The feeling soon passed as I was once again entranced by dark bewitching eyes and kissable red lips. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Kinky Gothic Hottie Raven Sutherland

May 19th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Like the figure out of a painting the statuesque Raven Sutherland reclines back on a velvety cushion looking serene as if waiting to be fed grapes. The serenity doesn't last for long though in this steamy BarelyEvil set. She quickly moves into action showing just how down and dirty this seductive lady can get with her clear glass toy and this set got so hot I had sweat pouring down my face just looking at it. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Hot Corset Model Morrigan Hel

May 17th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Some sets really make me wish I could reach through the screen and see if the outfit is really as soft as it looks. Morrigan Hel's satiny red corset set on GothicSluts is one of those sets. It shines in the light looking soft and touchable as it encases and molds her tiny waist and ample breasts. Long stockings attach to garters at the bottom which making me wish that she needed some help to get out of her outfit because I would most certainly volunteer to be her personal dresser. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

We Love Sexy Classic Tattoo Pin Up Voltaire

May 15th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

I've been a yoga freak for a few years now and while I'll never be a master, it is something that I enjoy on a fairly regular basis. I also enjoy seeing other things that remind me of yoga and that's what made me enjoy this BarelyEvil set so much. The lovely Voltaire on and around a chair with a grace worthy of any yogi and hotness that the best of dancers would envy. I was on the edge of my seat to see what would come next. Would she take off part of her already little outfit or would she contort herself into another graceful pose? wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Gothic Azrielle Loves Her New Canopy Bed

May 13th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Canopy beds normally bring to mind thoughts of innocent little girls tucked in with their dolls for sweet dreams. Well, there's nothing innocent at all about this canopy bed set on GothicSluts from the sweet and sexy Azrielle. Her lace-trimmed outfit brings to mind the Wild West where men were men and saloon girls entertained on the wild frontier. There's something almost dark in her expression as she holds an antique looking doll to her chest making me sigh in wistful envy at what a lucky doll it is to be pressed against her lovely breasts. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Justine Joli gets Naughty and Naked in Public

May 11th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

There's something about public and semi public photo sets that really turn me on and this Justine Joli set on BarelyEvil is no exception to the rule. There's just something about the air of danger created in a shot in public set that turns up the heat another notch. If they called security, what would happen if they showed up while she was squatted down with her shirt up showing gorgeous breasts and her pants down around her knees? Would they cuff her? Mmm yummy, now there's a thought Justine Joli in handcuffs, maybe if I ask really nice BarelyEvil will indulge my new fantasy with another set. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Playful Gothic Dominatrix Queen Abigail DeAth

May 9th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Oh wow! This GothicSluts set made me sweat and giggle all at the same time and that is quite the accomplishment. There is something about this lovely mistress holding a crop in one hand and a puppet in the other that makes me wonder what other creative tricks she has up her sleeves or in this case hidden in her corset since there are no sleeves on her outfit. The further into the set I go though the more I wonder if the adorable pink puppet is a diabolical plot to inspire laughter deserving of punishment, giving her an excuse to use that crop she holds so confidently. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Kinky Submissive Latex Lover Lydia Ivy West

May 7th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

The wonderful thing about latex is that it highlights as much as it hides and reveals as much as it conceals. There's something intense about knowing that the small bulge I can see in the latex isn't just a hard nipple it's also a nipple ring that I can't see yet. It makes me want to continue on because I want to see if Lydia Ivy West will continue to tease wearing her gray latex dress in this Rubberdollies set or if she'll please and show a little bit of the lithe body hidden under the latex. She most certainly doesn't disappoint, that's for sure. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Bella Vendetta Rocking her Blue Blood Colors

May 5th, 2007 - by Safira Angel

Sometimes it's the extra little touches that give a photo set that over the edge hotness and this Bella Vendetta set is certainly one of those cases. Little touches like funky leg warmers that accentuate the lean lines of her sexy long legs. Or the glasses perched on her adorable nose making me wonder what mischief lurks beyond in her fathomless eyes. Then there's that it just oozes confidence to wear a belt buckle that means your name and to me confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Okay well to be completely honest, the ultimate aphrodisiac in this BarelyEvil set is confidence, that nice Blue Blood hoodie, and the provocative body of Bella Vendetta.

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