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Happy Holidays from the Girls at BarelyEvil!

December 26th, 2006 - by Belinda Skullman

Those wicked sexy Barely Evil girls apparently revel in exploding glass. According to the site, hottie Roxy Contin brought practically antique blue bulbs to this Christmas photo shoot, only they started to spontaneously blow up, after she was tied up and the lights were turned on. Flying shards of blue glass and electrical burns are punk rock! Roxy still looks smiling and warm and fuzzy in these pictures, like the perfect gift on the best Christmas morning. Delicious! wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

We love the smiles that thoughtful gifts bring…

December 26th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

They say that it's better to give than to receive, but if you give just the right gift it's great for everybody! EroticBPM's cutie Jamie here is so happy about receiving her beautiful new pink glass sex toy that she puts on a crazy hot little show right there in the ripped wrapping paper! Her hot little festive snow queen outfit looks adorable too. Give yourself a gift and check this series out! You deserve it! wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Happy Penguinmas from GothicSluts!

December 26th, 2006 - by Belinda Skullman

Apparently, the dark beauties over at Blue Blood's Gothic Sluts celebrate Penguinmas instead of Xmas. If I saw such sexy beautiful girls stripping down on my neighbor's lawn amongst the Penguinmas decorations, it just might be enough to get me to change my religion! wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Naughty Gothic Girls in the NightClub

December 19th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

Those crazy GothicSluts girls are at it again. This sexy spontaneous series was shot up in the VIP section of one of the better rock venues in Los Angeles, just as the headliners were climaxing their performance. Scar 13 and Giavonna look so sexy being all naughty together too, I know some folks really enjoyed their own private show up there. You can see it too over on BlueBlood's wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Voltaire’s Chilly Day Flashing at the Pier

December 17th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

The girls of GothicSluts are always a lot of fun, even if they are a little weird sometimes. Voltaire and Amelia G decided it would be fun to go down to the boardwalk in the chilly SoCal winter and ride the rides all by themselves. Nobody else was really even supposed to be around, it was so windy and cold. But, that apparently didn't prevent some lucky tourists and intrepid surfers from getting a treat that day. See, the girls can't help themselves. Flashing is just so FUN and they sure do enjoy giving people a thrill. Voltaire has such amazing tattoos too, it would really be a shame to keep all that ink hidden away. Check out the entire beautiful series over on wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Dirty Girl Scar13 Treats the Mechanics

December 16th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

Scar certainly finds herself in some sexy situations, and we love that she brings back such amazingly hot pictures for us to drool over. This dirty hot series was shot in the back of a mechanic shot and oh my god it gets naughty! Scar shows off her sparkly new jewelled butt plug and uses her custom pink water filled glass dildo at the same time! She is such a sexual monster! We love her! You have got to see these pictures! Check out now. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Nature Lover Roulette plays Eve

December 15th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

Spicey spooky EroticBPM girl Roulette gets back to nature in this playful woodland series. She looks totally cute in her ivy bikini and head dressing, tempted to bite that forbidden fruit. Who knew Eve had such yummy pierced nipples? Check out the rest of the awesome fun and sexy stuff over on EroticBPM! wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Darenzia in Crazy Rubber Spikes

December 7th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

For some reason I've always imagined Santa's little helpers as being sexy malevolent creatures, I mean it's bitter cold and lonely up there and nobody that actually sees the real fat man seems to live to tell the tale. So, why wouldn't he have a sort of harem of dangerous hotties? I would, and I'd be pretty jazzed if they looked anything like Darenzia here. Maybe that should be the uniform. All she needs is a funny little hat and a sack full of toys. Anyhow, these are the thoughts that dance through my head like sugar plums this time of year. Maybe the musak is getting to me again. I should certainly spend more time enjoying the creative work and beautiful unique girls over on BarelyEvil and less time in mall traffic. You probably should too, I know you'd enjoy it. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Wicked Szandora in Red Fishnets

December 5th, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

BarelyEvil loves the bad girls. One thing I've always liked about Szandora is her taste in cool clothes and the way she could make anything she wore kind of her own. I have no idea if her outfits would work on anyone that didn't have as much personal style and aesthetic sense as she does. This series looked like it was fun to shoot too, playing with evil satan goat dolls and showing off her beautiful bare girly parts. Sexy hot and fun, that's what BarelyEvil is all about. wp super cache биржа hitbtc login wp fastest cache autoptimize

Welcome to Abigail De’Ath’s Dungeon

December 1st, 2006 - by Anastasia Skullman

Abigail knows if you've been naughty or nice, so maybe you should attone before the fat man comes, or maybe it's just time for an early treat for yourself, it's always so hard to tell. Either way, this new series on
BlueBlood's GothicSluts is smokin' hot! Abigail has such a classic gothic look, you'd swear she just stepped in from the Addams Family, mixed with a modern collection of beautiful and creatively spooky tattoos. She gives us chills, and we like that. We also get treated to a tour of her ‘workshop' and wow, there are some really pervy furnishings in there. So, everybody should put GothicSluts on their wish list. It's a treat you deserve.


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